The way of Catria Horses

This new horseback- trek concerns everything! nature, history, spirituality, but above all the people.
People who cares for our territory and make every effort to preserve our mountains and nature.
As usual we start from our manège at Agriturismo Ca' Maddalena, that is located on a beautiful hill facing the Appennines. The very first step will last about eight hours and will bring us to the Appennine chain.
The trek starts with a gentle horseback ride among the hills and goes on with the climb of Monte Montiego, than further on until reaching the northern part of Monte Nerone. We will overnight in a guest house between Marche and Umbria.

On the second day, after about six hours horseback ride, we'll enjoy the beauty of Monte Nerone's trails and paths; we will get to the little village of "Pianello". Though this village was victim of depopulation and abandonment in the past decades, it preserves antique professions, such as the manufacturing of riding saddles.

During the third day, we will ride about eight hours through a wood called "Bosco di Tecchie" for getting to the villages of Cantiano and then Chiaserna, riding on the western ridge of Monte Catria. We will spend our third night in the tiny village of Coldipeccio after passing through the village of Isola Fossara.

The fourth stretch will be shorter (about four hours) but more challenging than the previous. It will consist of a horseback ride up the steep slopes of Monte Cucco passing through Pascelupo. In the early middle ages some men of faith, challenging the power of nature, built on a rock the monastery of San Girolamo. At the end of the day, we will overnight in a guesthouse in Val di Ranco.

On the fifth day we will be leaving Monte Cucco to ride to the east and get to Monte le Siere, where country roads and meadows will make our ride a little bit easier. We will be crossing the valley bottom, close to Sant' Emiliano Abbey and then climbing further until the village of Montelago. (Duration of the route: 6 hours)

The next day our horses will have to face the climbing of Monte Strega first and then Monte Val Canale. After six hours ride, we will get to the beautiful monastery of Fonte Avellana: a secular place of meditation. Day seven will be a rest day: after visiting the monastery of Fonte Avellana, we will ride for about one hour and a half to get to the village of Frontone. We'll spend our lunch break at the foot of the city castle, enjoying the beautiful landscape ranging from the mountais to the Adriatic Coast. One more hour of ride will lead us to our night stop.

On the eighth day, after a couple of hours ride, we will be reaching the State Natural Reserve of "Gola del Furlo"; Monte Paganuccio with its beautiful meadows on top and then ride through the gorge of Furlo, where Candigliano river flows through. We will spend the night in the mountain hut "Rifugio Furlo" on top of Monte Pietralata, close to the "Testa del Duce", built in the thirties to reproduce Mussolini's profile.

The last half day will lead us back to Agriturismo Ca' Maddalena and to the end of this long trip. We really hope you will take with you beautiful memories of our lands.

price: 1050.00 €
duration: 7 days
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🆕 Planning 2024 🆕 arrivo il programma per la nuova stagione

a grande richista ritorna il Nuovo Trekking dei Sibillini

Un Viaggio di 7 Giorni per Vivere una Avventura Unica.

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Rosy 31-10-2023
Abbiamo partecipato al trekking easy, stupenda esperienza, grazie a Valentina, Roberto, Camilla e Michele che ci hanno accompagnato in quest'avventura , con cavalli dolcissimi e ben preparat . . .
Elisabetta 27-07-2023
Partecipato al trekk dei Fiumi. Esperienza indescrivibile a parole: bisogna viverla. Dal bagno in fiume al percorrere un crinale, dai boschi ombreggiati alle tracce esposte, dal cenare in . . .
Eviss 6-06-2023
Sono una assidua frequentatrice del maneggio e due giorni fa ho partecipato ad una 2 giorni alle pendici di Monte Nerone. Siamo passati in posti di una bellezza infinita attraversando fiumi, . . .
Eleonora 6-06-2023
Appena tornati dal trekking del Montiego 3 e 4 di Giugno! Per la prima volta in esclusiva abbiamo intrapreso con lo splendido branco del Cà maddalena la Balza Rosa! La cosa bella di . . .

🆕 Planning 2024 🆕 arrivo il programma per la nuova stagione

a grande richista ritorna il Nuovo Trekking dei Sibillini

Un Viaggio di 7 Giorni per Vivere una Avventura Unica.
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